Exterior Recycling Bins

Exterior Recycling Bins - $87,449

This project purchased three-stream recycling bins that capture waste, paper, and plastic/aluminum/glass containers. The bins were placed in high traffic areas across Main Campus.

Bike Rack

Bicycle Rack Expansion - $48,000

The goal of this project is to improve and expand bicycle parking around Texas A&M’s campus by adding 100 high-density style bike racks. These new racks are used to create bicycle parking facilities in new locations and replacing old-style bike racks.

Graphic - Power strip

Residence Life Programmable Power Strips - $23,351

This project aims to solve the increased usage of prohibited extension cords in residence halls. The new programmable power cords decrease “phantom” usage of appliances and increase fire hazard safety in on-campus living facilities.

Water Bottle

Reusable Water Bottles: Education and Outreach Campaign - $16,678

Sustainability student interns developed an outreach campaign that discourages the use of disposable water bottles and provides students with reusable water bottles. By receiving long-lasting reusable bottles along with education on plastic waste, students are empowered to stop using disposable bottles and reduce their plastic waste.

Recycling Bins

Improving Mays Business School Recycling - $12,415

MGMT 422 class teams helped conduct research to find Mays Business School was lacking in recycling containers compared to other areas of campus. This project addresses those concerns by providing new recycling containers and create infographics to improve the culture surrounding recycling and waste management at Mays Business School.

Graphic - person and motion detector

Occupancy Sensors in Residence Halls Pilot - $8,750

Eleven modular residence halls keep their common area lights on 24/7 to maintain a welcoming and safe environment. This creates an opportunity to address electrical consumption through the installation of occupancy sensors, while still maintaining a safe environment.

Installed water fountain and water bottle filling station

Hand Dryers and Hydration Station at Mays Business School - $7,843

The Wehner building’s restroom waste receptacles are often crowded and overrun with paper towels. This project installed efficient hand dryers to increase traffic flow and decrease waste from students, faculty, and staff. The project also added a hydration station to a high-traffic area of the building.

Installed Single Water Bottle Filling

Chemical Engineering Department Hydration Station - $6,465

The Department of Chemical Engineering installed water bottle filling stations in the Jack E. Brown building. This reduces the amount of plastic waste consumed by the students and faculty that regularly occupy the building.

Light Switch

On-Campus Housing Light Switch Stickers - $4,000

Lighting makes up 25-35% of residence halls’ electricity consumption. This project created stickers to remind students to turn out their lights when rooms are not in use to reduce electrical consumption and promote more sustainable living environments for on-campus residents.