Howdy! Farm facility

Greenhouse and Education Facility - $96,000

Howdy Farm envisions an educational agriculture facility utilizing solar and rainwater technologies to be constructed near the Howdy Farm’s production site. This structure ensures year-round greenhouse production, adequate learning space, host classes, and use the building for research and class projects on sustainable crop production.

Set of three outdoor recycling bins

Outdoor Recycling Bins for Main Campus – Ross Street – $90,205

The Utilities & Energy Management Department purchased three-stream recycling bins to be used in high traffic areas on Main Campus. The goal of the project is to increase opportunities for students, faculty, staff, and campus visitors to recycle and reduce the amount of waste being sent to landfills.

Bike racks

Rack ‘Em Aggies - $40,000

This project entails adding 100 additional new bike racks and replacing substandard bike racks across campus. The high-density style rack allows the bike to stand upright which reduces the potential for damage and makes parking areas significantly neater.

Students showing off recycling bins

Engineering Quadrant Recycling Stations - $26,000

The Engineering Quadrant Recycling Stations project acquired, installed, and maintains three-stream container recycling stations throughout the fifteen facilities within the “Engineering Quadrant” of main campus. The goals of the project are to decrease the amount of solid waste generated, increase recycling, and generate awareness to the thousands of engineering students that flow through the facilities.

Installed single water bottle filling station

Water Bottle Filling Stations - $20,000

The ultimate goal of the water bottle filling stations is to reduce the amount of beverage container waste generated on campus. The proposed 8 water stations encourage campus members to utilize a reusable water bottle rather than recycling and/or throwing away disposable containers. By installing water bottle filling stations, we achieve the most sustainable form of effective waste management strategies – simply, do not generate waste.

Recycling sticker installed on a residence hall door.

Recycling Stickers for Residence Hall Rooms - $2,505

The Go Green stickers are to encourage sustainability among students living on campus. The project’s main goal is to increase student awareness of on-campus resources, sustainable living tips, and small actions that can make a difference in increasing sustainability.