If a proposed project costs $3,500 or less and will be completed within six months of fund disbursement, applicants are encouraged to submit a Micro-Grant application to the Aggie Green Fund Advisory Committee (AGFAC). Applicants should ensure they have reviewed the application overview and are familiar with the evaluation criteria.


All proposed projects must meet the following requirements for active consideration:

  • Projects must directly address environmental improvements on the Texas A&M College Station campus. Furthermore, the Aggie Green Fund is intended for environmental projects that are not already funded by Texas A&M University.
  • Projects may not primarily address research aims.
  • All projects must meet AGFAC reporting requirements, including metrics for success, a final report, and progress updates every three months (if applicable).
  • Where appropriate, projects must have received written confirmation of support by campus officials prior to consideration (see Project Approval form within the application).
  • Projects that propose a change to the physical campus environment must align with the 2017 Campus Master Plan and require approval from the Council for the Built Environment (CBE). Examples include permanently installing new equipment, constructing a garden, changing the appearance of a building, etc. Projects requiring CBE approval are not eligible for the micro-grant. However, these projects may apply through the regular application process.


Micro-Grant applications are accepted on a rolling basis September 15 through February 28. Approvals are generally granted within 30 days of submission unless applications are submitted in December or February, in which case they are generally granted within 45 days.


The AGFAC looks forward to hearing your ideas and seeing the impacts that students, faculty, and staff can have on Texas A&M University's campus. You may download this PDF or this Word Document to use when preparing for the micro-grant. The Aggie Green Fund uses the WizeHive grant management system for all project documents. Please use the following link to submit all application documents via WizeHive.


Submit your Micro-Grant Application